{53 Days & Counting}

Hey Friends!

Can you believe that in 53 short days, my little man is going to be turning one years old! (I know neither can I!) Where did the time go, and how did this sweet boy grow so fast! A few minutes…to ten months old, in a blink of an eye. I miss how small he was! Although, if we are being honest he’s still a sweet little boy! He has gained about 11 lbs. since birth and 8 inches! 

My goal this month is to start to prepare for this little man’s awesome first birthday, that he will not remember. However, I will treasure the memories forever! I’m working on a keep sake box for him, that I plan on filling with lots of pictures! Because let’s be real I don’t have the time or patience to make a scrapbook! 

Here’s to the next 53 days making memories and enjoying my baby, before he steps into toddler territory! *tears*

❤ Laura




2 Replies to “{53 Days & Counting}”

    1. It goes by so fast. Too fast! I wish he was still my little snug bug lol, but he’s off to exploring everything and anything! Thank you!!


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