{Gabriel’s First Christmas}

On December 18th, Gabriel met Santa for the first time! It could have not gone any better. He didn’t cry at all, which kind of surprised me! Here are a few of Gabriel’s cute little elf faces while meeting Santa! (Yes, I made him wear that outfit again, it was made for his ears!) 

Next we attended church for the Christmas Eve service. This is probably my 2nd favorite church service img_0630after Easter! I mean Easter is hard to beat because of baptisms and people announcing their love for Jesus publicly! Anyways, before I get completely side track haha. Back to why Christmas Eve is my second favorite service. I remember as a little girl we always had the same tradition on Christmas Eve. We ate Pizza Hut, and they always messed something up somehow every. single. year. Then we would go to my aunt and uncle’s church for Christmas Eve service. We would sing and take communion and go home and go to bed and wait for Santa! Now, Gabriel has been going back to the nursery since he was about two months old and he goes every Sunday, but not this past Sunday. This Sunday, being that it was Christmas Eve, and we were having our Christmas Eve service on Sunday morning Gabriel came into church with us! I want Gabriel to come to every Christmas Eve service with our family. This is a tradition I want to start with him, no matter what! So, that’s what I did. I took him into church with us and by the time we got to singing in candle light he was a sleepy little baby.

Last on our little journey we have our three day Christmas celebration! Gabriel received quite a few fun gifts this year for Christmas. He was really excited about unwrapping them! He got the hang of it for the most part. 🙂 His big gift was a piano exersaucer that allows him to move around and make music. To say he likes it is an understatement! He gets pretty excited every time he gets put in it! Video of that to come soon! Nana and Aunt Teresa came to us on Saturday, Sunday we went to Grandma Kathy’s, and Christmas Day we stayed home and had family Christmas. We will be going to GiGi’s on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with daddy’s side of the family and I’m sure Gabriel can’t wait for the opportunity to tear more wrapping paper!


My poor little monster was all wore out after three days of Christmas! Doesn’t he look so cute with his dada in this picture. Every time I see these two cuddled together my heart melts and I smile so big. The bond they have is so special and it brings me so much joy!

❤ Laura



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