My Cute Little Elf

Gabriel turned 8 months old this month and boy is he growing into such a handsome little babe. He has cut his two bottom tooth and prefers to roll wherever he feels he needs to go. He has started saying dada, mama, baba, and nana. He loves to scream and shake his head no. He has the cutest smile, that I’m greeted with every morning. He has the best laugh. He still loves Moana every single day. 

My Little Elf!

The mom journey has been a fun one and watching Gabriel grow each day has been an experience! It’s amazing how I can go to work some mornings and then come back home and Gabriel looks like he has grown in the hours I was away. He’s the sweetest and most content baby there is! I can’t wait to get pictures of him opening gifts this Christmas. These elf pictures we took today are just so cute! He’s a ham!

❤ Laura

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